FlexibleProcess_img1.gif 3.1 Flexible Process
Suggested Workflow However...
3.1.1 Suggested Workflow
1. Create a new project or select an existing project; add files to a project; convert files into topics.
2. Format topics; create a template and draft files.
3. Search, edit, and retrieve content snippets; edit draft documents.
4. Publish documents (For example: Microsoft Office, RTF, PDF, HTML, XML (DITA), ePub) and create library documents.
3.1.2 However...
AcroScribe's open architecture allows users to use any step in the order that suits their publishing projects. Each step works independently; for example, users can:
  • Search and save content snippets they want to use from any location they have access to.
  • Combine content snippets into a manuscript.
  • Use this manuscript as a file to be included in a project.
  • Publish a project or create content library documents from a legacy document.