ComprehensiveUserBase_img1.gif 5.1 Comprehensive User Base
Sales and Marketing Corporate Writers and Researchers Lawyers Technical Documentation Writers and Publishers Academic and Creative Writers and Editors
5.1.1 Sales and Marketing
By automating the majority of the proposal writing process, AcroScribe empowers you to spend less time writing and editing and more time doing what you do best — selling. Every document you create contains accurate, approved content so your marketing message always maintains a consistent look and feel. Using AcroScribe has proven to save at least one week per proposal.
5.1.2 Corporate Writers and Researchers
With AcroScribe, writers and researchers SEARCH and COMPARE content in previous documents and downloaded standard content. They can also EXTRACT new information anywhere from a corporate network or from the internet. Users SELECT and INTEGRATE content which, according to context, best fit their publishing project.
5.1.3 Lawyers
AcroScribe's search engines and its ability to combine and format multiple documents within a single publication are particularly well adapted for creating or updating contracts or jurisprudence documents.
5.1.4 Technical Documentation Writers and Publishers
Any web page, database, spreadsheet, pdf, text, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, XML, HTML, XHTML, PowerPoint, or image file available anywhere on a computer, network, intranet, or internet easily integrates itself within new projects. The output can be either Microsoft Word documents or Adobe FrameMaker files using DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture).
5.1.5 Academic and Creative Writers and Editors
AcroScribe's specialized libraries, search, and reference engines are particularly well suited for academic books, articles, journals, novels, short stories, and movie outlines.