AComprehensivePublishingSolution_img1.gif 1.1 A Comprehensive Publishing Solution
Integration Single Source Customization Evolution Scope
AcroScribe, developed over the last twenty years within corporate, technical, legal, and academic environments, is a combination of best-of-breed publishing applications and proprietary software development providing a comprehensive publishing solution.
1.1.1 Integration
AcroScribe’s integration, reuse, and formatting of research and legacy documents within current publication projects translate into spectacular proven increased productivity in RFP, RFQ, RFI, corporate, technical, legal, and academic publication projects.
1.1.2 Single Source
AcroScribe is able to publish a single source file in MS Word, HTML, XML (DITA - FrameMaker), PDF, Text, RTF, SQL and Microsoft Access database tables, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Power Point presentations, and ePub, for print and/or web locally, in content magement systems (to which it provides missing functionalities), and "cloud" applications.
1.1.3 Customization
AcroScribe is highly customizable. Users can easily integrate within the application their own specialized tools. AcroScribe can easily, upon request, be tailored to meet the most challenging publication projects.
1.1.4 Evolution
Third-party publishing applications are continuously evaluated, expanded, and integrated. Proprietary software applications are constantly improved and upgraded to meet new publishing trends and requirements.
1.1.5 Scope
AcroScribe has been successfully tested for automating, creating, comparing, extracting, formatting, importing, integrating, managing, processing, searching, selecting, writing, editing, publishing new or legacy content, legacy documents, requests for proposals, requests for quotes, requests for information, bids, tenders, academic, corporate, general, legal, marketing, sales, scholarly, technical, books, documents, essays, manuals, novels, reports, papers, press releases, print content, release notes, short stories, theses, and web content.